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List of frequently cited authorities in WRC jurisprudence

As part of the WRC’s mandate to provide information to the public and facilitate effective access to justice in relevant employment and equality matters, the following is a list of the case authorities from other tribunals and courts which are most frequently cited before the WRC.

The list below was generated by a tailored AI-based search of over 10,000 WRC decisions to establish the most commonly cited decisions from other courts and tribunals.

Please note that all of the WRC’s own jurisprudence is available on the WRC’s fully searchable website database.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of printing and sending large files to the WRC, Parties no longer need to send the WRC copies of cases upon which they rely if they appear in the list below which will be reviewed periodically. The full text of each case appears in the .pdf file below.

However, parties must still explain why a case is relevant to their arguments and cite the relevant sections of the case authorities upon which they rely.

Please note that the list of authorities was last reviewed on the 6th June 2023.

Supreme Court Decisions

  1. Tomasz Zalewski v. Workplace Relations Commission & Ireland & AG [2021] IESC 24.
  2. Berber v. Dunnes Stores Limited [2009] IESC 10.
  3. Henry Denny & Sons (Ireland) Ltd v. Minister for Social Welfare [1998] IR 34.
  4. Barry v. Minister for Agriculture and Food [2015] IESC 63.
  5. Re: Haughey [1971] IR 217. 6. Glover v. BLN Ltd [1973] IR 388.
  6. Nano Nagle School v. Daly [2019] 3 IR 369.
  7. Louth VEC v. The Equality Tribunal [2016] IESC 40.
  8. McKelvey v. Iarnród Eireann [2019] 1 IR 573.
  9. Ruffley v. Board of Management of St Anne’s School [2017] IESC 33.
  10. Halal Meat Packers (Ballyhaunis) Ltd v. Employment Appeals Tribunal [1990] WJSC-SC 731.
  11. Burns v. Governor of Castlerea Prison [2009] 3 IR 682.
  12. Minister for Education and Skills v. Anne Boyle [2018] IESC 52.
  13. Mooney v. An Post [1998] 4 IR 288.

Court of Appeal Decisions

  1. Culkin v. Sligo County Council [2017] 2 IR 326.
  2. Karshan (Midlands) Limited t/a Domino’s Pizza v. The Revenue Commissioners [2022] IECA 124.

High Court Decisions

  1. O’Reilly v. Irish Press [1937] ILTR 194.
  2. Bank of Ireland v. James Reilly [2015] IEHC 241.
  3. Stasaitas v. Noonan Services Group Ltd and the Labour Court [2014] IEHC 199.
  4. County Louth VEC v. the Equality Tribunal and Pearse Brannigan [2009] IEHC 370.
  5. Frizelle v. New Ross Credit Union Ltd [1997] IEHC 137.
  6. Health Service Executive v. McDermott [2014] IEHC 331.
  7. Minister for Agriculture and Food v. Barry [2009] 1 IR 215.
  8. Barry & Ors v. Minister for Agriculture and Food [2011] IEHC 43.
  9. JVC Europe Limited v. Jerome Panisi [2011] IEHC 279.
  10. Bolger v. Showerings (Ireland) Limited [1990] ELR 184.
  11. O’Donnell v. Dun Laoghaire Corporation [1991] ILRM 30.
  12. O’Higgins v. The Labour Court & University College Dublin [2013] IEHC 508.
  13. Minister for Finance v. Civil and Public Service Union & Ors [2006] 1 IR 254.
  14. P Elliot and Co v. Building and Allied Trade Union [2006] IEHC 340.
  15. Doyle v. Asilo Commercial Limited [2008] IEHC 445.
  16. Donnellan v. Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform [2008] IEHC 467.
  17. Lyons v. Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board [2017] IEHC 272.
  18. Dunnes Stores (Cornelscourt) v. Lacey and Nuala O’Brien [2007] 1 IR 478.
  19. Re Sunday Tribune [1984] IR 505.
  20. Cleary & Ors v. B & Q Ireland Ltd [2016] 1 IR 276.
  21. Sunday Newspapers Ltd v. Stephen Kinsella and Luke Bradley [2007] IEHC 324.
  22. Histon v. Shannon Foynes Port Company [2006] IEHC 292.
  23. Trinity Leisure Holdings t/a Trinity City Hotel v. Sofia Kolesnik & Natalia Alfimova [2019] IEHC 654.
  24. Cunningham v. Intel Ireland Ltd [2013] IEHC 207.
  25. Morgan v. Trinity College Dublin [2003] 3 IR 157.
  26. O’Coindealbhain (Inspector of Taxes) v. Mooney [1990] 1 IR 442.
  27. G v. Department of Social Protection [2015] 4 IR 167.
  28. Petkus & Ors v. Complete Highway Care Ltd [2017] IEHC 12.
  29. The Board of Management of Malahide Community School v. Conaty [2020] 2 IR 394.
  30. Balans v. Tesco Ireland Limited [2020] IEHC 55.
  31. Burke v. An Adjudication Officer & The Workplace Relations Commission [2021] IEHC 667.
  32. Capital Food Emporium (Holdings) Ltd v. Walsh & Employment Appeals Tribunal& Stewart [2016] IEHC 725.

Circuit Court Decisions

  1. Allied Irish Banks plc v. Purcell [2012] 23 ELR 189.
  2. Hurley v. Royal Cork Yacht Club [1977] ELR 225.
  3. Humphreys v. Westwood Fitness Club [2004] 15 ELR 296.
  4. Atkinson v. Carty [2005] ELR 1.

Labour Court Decisions

  1. Valpeters v. Melbury Developments Ltd [2010] ELR 64.
  2. Mitchell v. Southern Health Board [2001] 12 ELR 201.
  3. Cementation Skanska (Formerly Kvaerner Cementation) v. Carroll DWT0338.
  4. Tribune Printing and Publishing Group v. Graphical Print and Media Union DWT046.
  5. Westwood Fitness Club v. Humphreys EED037.
  6. Dyflin Publications Limited v. Ivana Spasic EDA0823.
  7. Toni & Guy Blackrock Limited v. O'Neill HSD095.
  8. Irish Water v. Patrick Hall TED161.
  9. DHL Express (Ireland) Ltd v. Michael Coughlan UDD1738.
  10. Cork County VEC v. Hurley EDA1124.
  11. Gino’s Italian Ice- Cream Ltd v. Ewelina Gacek DWT1627.
  12. McGrath Partnership v. Monaghan PDD162.
  13. Paris Bakery & Pastry Limited v. Mrzljak DWT1468.
  14. Allianz Worldwide Care S.A. v. Ranchin UDD1636.
  15. Beechside Company Limited t/a Park Hotel Kenmare v. A Worker LCR21798.
  16. v. Leech EDA1615.
  17. Bord Gais Eireann v. Thomas PWD1729.
  18. Viking Security Ltd v. Valent DWT1489.
  19. Cementation Skanska (Formerly Kvaerner Cementation) v. Carroll DWT0425.
  20. Auto Depot Ltd v. Mateiu UDD1954.
  21. Geoghegan T/A Taps v. A Worker INT1014.
  22. An Employer v. A Worker (Mr O) (No. 1) EDA0419.
  23. An Employer v. A Worker (Mr O) (No. 2) EED0410.
  24. Department of Finance v. IMPACT & Ors EET042.
  25. A Government Department v. A Worker EDA094.
  26. Trailer Care Holdings Ltd v. Deborah Healy EDA128.
  27. Connaught Airport Development Limited v. John Glavey EDA1710.
  28. Terminal Four Solutions Ltd v. Rahman DWT11104.
  29. Travelodge Management Ltd v. Wach. EDA1511.
  30. Nutweave Ltd t/a Bombay Pantry v. Kumar DWT1537.
  31. Citibank v. Ntoko EED045.
  32. Sword Risk Services Ltd v. Sheahan DWT1435.
  33. P J Personnel Ltd v. Maguire CA-00019947.
  34. Public Appointments Service v. Kevin Roddy EDA 1019.
  35. Earagail Eisc Teoranta v. Richard Lett EDA1513.
  36. Cementation Skanska (formerly Kvaerner Cementation) Ltd v. McGrath DWT0342.
  37. Transdev Light Rail Limited v. Michael Chrzanowski EDA1632.
  38. Dublin Bus v. McCamley EDA164.

Employment Appeals Tribunal Decisions

  1. Conway v. Ulster Bank Limited UDA 474/1981.
  2. Looney & Co. Ltd. v. Looney UD 843/1984.
  3. McCormack v. Dunnes Stores UD1421/2008.
  4. Liz Allen v. Independent Newspaper [2002] 13 ELR 84.
  5. Travers v. MBNA Ireland Ltd UD720/2006.
  6. Sheehan v. Continental Administration Co Ltd UD 858/1999.
  7. Hennessy v. Read & Write Shop Ltd UD192/1978.
  8. St Ledger v. Frontline Distributors Ireland Ltd UD56/94.
  9. Lennon v. Bredin M160/1978.
  10. Noritake (Ireland) Limited v. Kenna UD88/1983.
  11. O’Hanlon v. Ulster Bank Ireland Limited UD1096/2014.
  12. Donegan v. County Limerick VEC UD828/2011.
  13. Reid v. Oracle EMEA Ltd UD1350/2014.
  14. O'Riordan v. Great Southern Hotels UD1469-2.
  15. Bunyan v. United Dominions Trust [1982] ILRM 404.
  16. Bigaignon v. Power Team Electrical Services Ltd UD939/2010.
  17. Coad v. Eurobase. UD1138/2013.
  18. Boucher v. Irish Productivity Centre R92/1992.
  19. Sullivan v. Department of Education [1998] ELR 217.
  20. Tierney v. DER Ireland Ltd. UD866/1999.
  21. Gillian Free v. Oxigen Environmental UD206/2011.
  22. Harrold v. St Michael’s House UD1123/2004.
  23. Steffan Chmiel & Ors v. Concast Precast Limited PWA725,726,727/2012.
  24. Zabiello v. Ashgrove Facility Management Ltd UD1106/2008.
  25. Burke v. Superior Express Ltd UD1227/2014.
  26. Murray v. Rockabill Shellfish Ltd UD1832/2010.

Equality Tribunal Decisions

  1. Margetts v. Graham Anthony & Company Limited DEC-E2002-050.
  2. Tom Barrett v. Department of Defence DEC-E2015-017.
  3. McCarthy v. Cork City Council DEC-E2008- 016.
  4. Doyle v. ESB International E2012/086.
  5. Wach v. Smorgs ROI Management Ltd t/a Travelodge Waterford E2016-045.

Court of Justice of the European Union Decisions

  1. Ville de Nivelles v. Rudy Matzak C-518/15.
  2. Spijkers v. Gebroeders Benedik Abbatoir CV C-24/85.
  3. Landesshauptstadt Keil v. Jaeger C-151/02.
  4. Süzen v. Zehnacker Gebäudereinigung GmbH Krankenhausservice C-13/95.
  5. Sindicato de Médicos de Asistencia Pública (Simap) v. Conselleria de Sanidad y Consumo de la Generalidad Valenciana C-303/98.
  6. Bilka-Kaufhaus GmbH v. Weber Von Hartz C-170/84.
  7. Dekker v. Stichting Vormingcentrum voor Junge Volwassenen C-177/88.
  8. Ahmed Mahamdia v. People’s Republic of Algeria C-154/11.
  9. Brown v. Rentokil Ltd C-394/96.
  10. Felix Palacios De La Villa v. Cortefiel Servicios C-411/05.
  11. Fuchs and Kohler v. Landhessen C-159/10.
  12. Kurz v. Land Baden-Wurttemberg C-188/00.
  13. Lawrie-Blum v. Land Baden-Wurttemberg C-66/85.
  14. Redmond Stichtung v. Bartol C-29/91.
  15. Berg v. Besselsen C-144/87.
  16. Georgiev v. Tecnicheski Universitet C-250/09.
  17. Schultz-Hoff v. Deutsche Rentenverisherung Bundand Stringer v. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs C-350/06.

Court of Appeal (England and Wales) Decisions

  1. Western Excavations v. Sharp [1978] ICR 221.
  2. Hughes v. Corporation of Commissionaires Management Ltd [2011] EWCA Civ 1061.
  3. British Leyland UK Ltd v. Swift [1981] IRLR 91.
  4. Gallagher and others v. Alpha Catering Services Limited [2005] ICR 673.
  5. The Post Office v. Foley [2000] ICR 1283.
  6. Madrassy v. Nomura International plc [2007] ICR 867.

High Court (England and Wales) Decisions

  1. Market Investigations Ltd v. Minister of Social Security [1969] 2 QB 173.
  2. Henderson v. Henderson [1843] HARE E100.
  3. Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd (South East) v. Minister of Pensions [1968] 2 QB 497.

Employment Appeals Tribunal (England and Wales) Decisions

  1. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group v. Lindsay UKEAT/0506/09.
  2. Iceland Frozen Foods Ltd v. Jones [1983] ICR 17.
  3. Barton v. Investec Henderson Crosthwaite Securities Ltd [2003] ICR 1205.