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Disclaimer and waiver of liability

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information/material contained on the web site, the Workplace Relations Commission, its servants or agents assume no responsibility for and give no guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up to date nature of the information provided in the web site and does not accept any liability whatsoever arising from any errors or omissions.

If you notice any errors or omissions please let us know as soon as possible. It is our policy to correct errors within a reasonable period of time. The contents of these pages are provided as an information guide only for the reader. The reader of the information accepts full responsibility for the use he or she makes of the information. No document on the site is a legal interpretation and should not be seen as such. If you need professional or legal advice you should consult a suitably qualified person.

The information detailed on this website may change with the passage of time and, in particular, the law and practice are constantly changing, and can be interpreted only in light of particular factual situations. The information is therefore provided without guarantee, undertaking or warranty of whatsoever kind, express or implied. The site sometimes links to external sites over which the Workplace Relations Commission has no control and for which the Workplace Relations Commission accepts no responsibility. The Workplace Relations Commission does not monitor such sites. Links to such sites are provided solely as a convenience to the user and do not constitute any endorsement, authorisation, sponsorship or affiliation by the Workplace Relations Commission of such sites, their owners or providers.

The Workplace Relations Commission reserves the right to revise, amend, alter or delete the information provided herein at any time, but shall not be responsible for or liable in respect of any such revisions, amendments, alterations or deletions.

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Google Translate Disclaimer

Visitors may need to translate content on our website to other languages.
Therefore we provide the option of using Google Translate.
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Google Translate is an external service. We cannot control the quality and accuracy of the translated content. Users relying on translations on this website using Google Translate do so at their own risk.
The Workplace Relations Commission is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate translations. The Workplace Relations Commission will not be liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of such translations, including but not limited to, damages or losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any such translation, or damages incurred from the viewing, distributing, or copying of such materials.