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WRC publishes first annual Customer Survey

Press Release

Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Customer Survey


May 2018

The WRC today published the results of its first annual customer survey.

Ms. Oonagh Buckley, Director General of the WRC, said that the results are extremely encouraging and provide tangible evidence that the establishment of the WRC has been welcomed by its users and that overall satisfaction with the WRC and the WRC’s service provision is high.

The key findings of the customer survey were:

  • Levels of satisfaction amongst those who had engaged with the Conciliation Service were very high (c.90%), driven by the professionalism, ability, skills, understanding of the issues and the impartiality of the WRC Conciliation team,
  • Overall ratings of the inspection process were high; 91% of respondents were very impressed with the professionalism of the Inspectorate, 85% viewed it as impartial, 83% said they had a better understanding of employment legislation post-inspection and over half of non-compliant employers became compliant voluntarily very quickly thereafter,
  • Amongst those who had engaged with the Advisory Service satisfaction with the service, the process and the staff were all high, with the vast majority satisfied and, should the need arise, will use the Service again,
  • Satisfaction with the telephone service was high with over 90% in all cases satisfied with the service provision, clarity and usefulness of information provided, and the knowledge base of the staff,
  • The mediation service was considered impartial by over 80% of users and two in three users were happy with the service received – albeit this was influenced by the outcome. Satisfaction rates for those who experienced a positive outcome of the mediation process was noticeably higher. Users expressed the view that an increased offering by the WRC – particularly face to face mediation - would be welcome.
  • Similarly, user experience of adjudication outcome appeared to influence user perception. In this regard, 56% were satisfied with their overall experience of the Adjudication Service. Adjudicators generally were positively rated, with seven in ten service users rating them and the staff as professional and two in three 65% rating them positively for impartiality regardless of outcome. Some concern was expressed with regard to the time-lapse between hearing and decision, the need to revamp the on-line complaint form, and increased consistency of outcomes in terms of decisions.
  • 56% were satisfied with their experience of using the website.

Ms. Buckley said that “this Survey is an important element of our continuous improvement process and the positive outcomes are welcome and we must work hard to maintain these standards. However, the Survey and our regular interactions with our stakeholders more generally do indicate areas where we need to press ahead and improve service delivery further and these are our priority for the next twelve months.”.