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Employing Children - Film & Theatre

In order to employ a child in cultural, artistic, sports or advertising work permission must be obtained by the potential employer by way of a licence issued on behalf of the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The type of activities for which licence applications are made would typically be television commercials or films that require the presence of a child. The licence sets out the conditions under which the child(ren) may be employed, such as general conditions about parental consent, supervision and education arrangements, and the maximum working times and minimum breaks appropriate to each group.

The employer should apply in writing for a licence at least 21 days before the employment commences.

The Application Form may be downloaded here - Employment of Children - Licence Application Form

A Form to be completed by the Principal of the School where the child is a student, agreeing to his/her absence from school is also required, and may be downloaded here - School Principal Agreement to Absence of Child

Further information on obtaining a licence for film/TV and theatre can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Note on Employing a Child by Licence (Film/TV)

Note on Employing a Child by Licence (Theatre)

Completed Application Forms should be emailed to