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Registered Employment Agreements

Registered Employment Agreement

A Registered Employment Agreement (REA) is a collective agreement made either between a trade union or unions and an individual employer, group of employers or employers’ organisation, relating to the remuneration or the conditions of employment of workers of any class, type or group. It is binding only on the parties to the agreement in respect of the workers of that class, type or group.

Labour Court Register of Employment Agreements

Further information is available on the Labour Court website: Registered Employment Agreements

Joint Industrial Councils

Joint Industrial Councils (JICs) are voluntary negotiating bodies for particular industries or parts of industries that are representative of employers and trade unions. A Council, provided that it fulfils certain conditions, may register with the Labour Court as a Joint Industrial Council under the Industrial Relations Acts. The rules of such Councils must provide for the referral of disputes to the Council for consideration before resort is made to industrial action. A registered JIC may request the Labour Court to appoint a chairperson and secretary to the Council.